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Built on an MG Midget, the motor is bored out, has Dell'Orto carbs, and pulls a measured 90hp.

Arkley in Scotland The amazing road, right outside Chris' front door. Limited sight lines, no run off, the odd sheep lying in the lane...but who cares? For 800x600 pixel wallpaper, 8 bit BMP, 16 bit (?) BMP, 24 bit TIFF

Chris' Arkley Chris and his Arkley.

Arkley alone A nice ride. If the throttle happens to stick full-open, a very nice ride.

Arkley motor The motor. And what a mighty little brute it is.

204hp engine, Pro-Drive suspension, 17" wheels.

Chris and Scooby His company car? A small, grey 5-door estate -- an eminently practical choice.

Impreza Turbo 2000 4 wheel drive for the weather. 45 series tires for the fun of it.

Impreza A beast at rest.

Impreza Turbo motor The boxer motor. Opposed but seldom challenged.

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